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SC/SD-268Y	bakery display case




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SC/SD-268YIce cream cabinet

【SC/SD-268Y Ice cream cabinet Product parameters】(Size can be customized according to customer requirements.)

Product name Model Outer size(L×W×H)mm volume(L) Exhibition(m2) Power temperature(℃)
SC/SD-268Y Ice cream cabinet SC/SD-268Y 1094×598×840 975 1.55 220V/380V/50HZ -20~8℃

Industrial products

1、Using original SECOP (Cisco Popular) compressor (original Danfoss), mute stable operation (mute design)。
2、The microcomputer temperature controller can accurately control the temperature inside the cabinet and display the temperature (outside the back of the cabinet).
3、Air cooled cycle refrigeration, thickened copper tube refrigeration system, durable。
4、Front arc glass adopts automatic electrothermal demister double hollow glass, which can automatically eliminate the water mist on the glass surface and ensure a better display effect; the side adopts hollow insulating transparent glass.。
5、201# stainless steel, stainless steel screws, and stainless steel can be used to meet the main body.。
6、The sliding door adopts hollow heat preservation transparent glass, and the surrounding rail adopts aluminum alloy profile (no fog proof function).。
7、Each floor is equipped with LED lights. The color of the tube is warm white. It is durable and safe.。
8、Refrigerating temperature range: +2 ~ +10 C, users can adjust the temperature range according to actual needs.。
9、On the second floor, the support of the frame is made of stainless steel with height adjusting holes. The height is adjustable (adjusting height is about 10 mm per knot). The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and generous.。
10、The base is decorated with natural marble. The colors are black gold sand, Indian red, golden thread beige, Phoenix jade white and violet red.。
11、Moving wheels at the bottom to facilitate movement. 。

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